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DIY Bike Repair Videos by Dave Delgado
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DIY Bike Repair is a complete collection of over 200 videos and diy manuals covering the repair and maintenance of bicycles. It covers mountain bikes, road bikes and a section on racing bikes.

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Love your bike, but hate spending precious dollars on getting it repaired at your local bike repair shop? You are not alone!

Why not be smart then and learn to repair your bike yourself? Besides being a fun and beneficial hobby, bike repair also helps you save hundreds of dollars!

Before you raise any IFs or BUTs, we assure you that you do not have to be a mechanic or know a thing about bike repairing to be able to fix your bike by yourself.

At least, that is what Dave Delgado’s DIY Bike Repair course wants us to believe. So, should you (and us, both) trust the Do It Yourself Bike Repair Course by Dave Delgado? Our comprehensive DIY Bike Repair Videos Review is here to help!

What Is DIY Bike Repair Videos?

First, we must know who Dave Delgado is and what is his idea behind the DIY Bike Repair course.

The DIY Bike Repair Course by Dave Delgado is an easy way to repair and properly maintain your bike. It is one of the most comprehensive collections of over 200 videos and bike repair manuals that cover every aspect of the repair and maintenance of bicycles.

By following the step-by-step instructions illustrated by great visual and written cues, you can quickly learn how to fix bikes and fix, repair, and maintain your bicycle in 2 hours or less whenever the need arises!

Dave’s USP of the Do It Yourself Bike Repair Course is that you learn to do it all by yourself without enrolling in any of those pricey bicycle repair training programs. The entire course costs you just $47, and you can start fixing your bike in as short as 2 hours of receiving the DIY Bike Repair Course manual and videos.

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It illustrates everything from a simple procedure like How to Change a Bicycle Chain or How to Change a Flat Bike Tyre to more complex operations such as making the derailleur gears adjustment. This particular fact makes it ideal for beginners and expert bike mechanics alike!

About Dave Delgado

Dave Delgado is a Professional Bike Designer and owner of With over 20 years of experience in riding and fixing bikes, Dave has developed a unique and awe-inspiring DIY Bike Repair course with step-by-step instructions and easy to follow guides.

Apart from being a Pro bike rider, he is also a thoroughly experienced bike frame builder and designer. Dave’s expertise in bikes can also be understood because Dave has often been asked to contribute to various major biking magazines and cycling publications.

How Does the DIY Bike Repair Course Work for You?

Using a very neatly structured and detailed program map, Dave’s DIY Bike Repair Course promotes technically correct and robust methods right from the start, coupled with an excellent video guide.

As the whole program is broken down into easily manageable chapters corresponding to the various mechanical system of a bike, you as a student learn about every aspect in a very detailed manner.

The real booster is that Dave’s online bicycle maintenance course successfully makes the entire learning curve much shorter than that of other regular bike repair programs. By taking up the Do It Yourself Bike Repair Course, you become an expert on bike repair and maintenance as you-:

learn all the tricks of the bicycle repair trade, including those aspects that professional repair shops never tell you
gain expertise following a very structured and sequentially designed course that teaches you everything from simple repairs to complex upgrades
– learn every technique, tool, and trick required to fix and maintain three different kinds of bikes – road, race, and mountain, by three different teachers
– learn the latest, highly advanced techniques that even a seasoned pro (like you?) may not be aware of
– learn years’ of knowledge and skills within weeks, at a fraction of the cost, thus, shortening the learning curve as prescribed in other bike repair manuals.

Of course, to learn all these advanced tricks and superb techniques by Dave Delgado, you will have to purchase his entire DIY Bike Repair course. Here is what you get when you buy the DIY Bike Repair Course online from

1) Over 200 step-by-step Videos – The entire duration of these 200+ videos is more than 10 hours, in which you learn about bike repair and maintenance through step by step instructions by Dave himself.

While the first four teach the basic bike repair skills, the rest of the bicycle repair video course covers maintenance, steps to upgrade your bike and some very “unique” and little-known tips that will help you become a true professional.

2) Over 150 pages of Illustrated Bike Repair Manual – teach you everything required to fix and maintain different types of bikes – road, racing and mountain bikes, using well-illustrated instructions, detailed coloured notes, photos, and tips.

It also shows exactly how to fit parts of a bicycle together (of all three types) and how to best use your tools to repair and perform basic maintenance tasks such as cleaning and lubricating your bike.

Along with these two comprehensive guides, Dave’s DIY Bike Repair Course offers you various exclusive but limited-time bonuses for absolutely no extra charge!

Bonus #1: Bicycle Tune-Up Secrets and Upkeep Tips Book (worth $49.95) – This is where Dave Delgado gets personal with this course. He has put every bit of his knowledge – his secret tips and tricks, which he has learned over 20 years in this book. This personal guide of Dave teaches you how to:

– Unlock the hidden and real potential of your bike
– Do secret tweaks and tips to improve your bike riding experience
– Discover the art of “preventive maintenance” that allows you to keep your bike in perfect condition always
– Rebuild some “special” bike parts that some bike repair shops do not even know about!

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Bonus #2: Free Lifetime Updates – Every time Dave uploads a new bike repair video, you will be able to access it instantly by logging into your account on his website ( This ensures that your bicycle repair and maintenance knowledge always remains up to date and ahead of the curve.

Bonus #3: Free, 1-year one-on-one, Coaching with Dave – With the purchase of DIY Bike Repair, you get the golden chance to have a free private coaching session with Dave Delgado himself.

Through this one-on-one support and mentoring option, you can submit any query you might have about bicycle repair and maintenance, and Dave himself will offer his expert advice and solution for your problem(s).

Does DIY Bike Repair Course Work?

Probably the best thing about Dave Delgado’s Do It Yourself Bike Repair Course is that it is equally helpful for beginners and experts. It is one of the most comprehensive and best bike repair training programs around.

Several testimonies can be read on Dave’s website:, from people who have used DIY Bike Repair manuals and video courses to significant effect and are now a fan of Dave’s work.

Moreover, why not? The guide is entirely technical, has no fluffed up content and yet it remains straightforward for everyone to understand how to fix and maintain bikes!

Here is what makes the DIY Bike Repair Course different and works more efficiently than similar bicycle repair training programs.
– No vague instructions, everything is detailed to perfection
– No one-dimensional teaching
– No outdated design or tools and techniques
– No confusing diagrams, skipping over important parts
– Extremely cost-effective

  • A complete bike repair and maintenance course
  • Detailed specifications, exploded views and photos
  • Works for beginners and pros alike
  • It covers three different kinds of bikes (road, race, and mountain)
  • Involves videos shot from multiple viewing angles, and close-up shots
  • Excellent value for money
  • Attractive, valuable bonus contents
  • 60 day no questions asked 100% money-back guarantee
  • You need to buy the VIP Deluxe edition to gain access to comprehensive content on racing bikes.

Our Verdict

It is brilliant. The DIY Bike Repair Course by Dave Delgado is currently the best bicycle repair course available. Dave has left no stone unturned in his attempt to introduce a perfect solution for all your bike repair and maintenance needs.

While other similar courses are limited in scope and content, the DIY Bike Repair Course remains vast. It is ensured to never go out of date with its regularly updated materials.

Of course, the icing on the cake is that it’s a very affordable and great value for the money training program, which involves a private coaching opportunity with the program’s inventor. Couple that with the 100% money-back guarantee. There is no way you should give it a miss if you are a bike rider. Simple as that!

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DIY Bike Repair Videos Review - A Bicycle Quick Fix Course